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Klein Ranch

2020 Summer Camp Schedule


Experience Klein Ranch

Like horses? You'll love Klein Ranch!

Klein Ranch is a unique camp that offers youth the opportunity to begin to stretch their boundaries, and abilities, as they ride horses on 2,300 acres of Wild West ranch country. Campers can spend a week exploring the prairie on horseback and participating in other activities, such as hiking the mini badlands, having an overnight campout, playing games and more. Through the camp's small group community, youth strengthen their identity and gain depth in their faith. At Klein Ranch, youth also develop a sense of responsibility for themselves and for others as they care for the animals at the camp.



Youth Camp Grades 6-12


June 14—19
June 21-26
June 28-July 3
July 5-10
July 12-17

Located on a western horse ranch, Klein Ranch emphasizes horsemanship, small group living, natural and historic awareness, and teamwork. Campers will have the opportunity to grow in their faith with their counselors, while also making new friends, exploring the country on horseback, hiking the mini-badlands, and learning to take care of the animals. Campers will also get to expand their faith and build community by attending worship at a Native American church. Additional activities include camping out under the stars, water games at the Grand River and visits with neighboring ranchers. Come for a week of Wild West fun!

By February 15: Price - $500
Between February 15 and April 15: Price $525
Register after April 15: Price: $575

Counselor or Wrangler-In-Training


June 14-19

Experience a new side of camp! For those who have interest in becoming a Wrangler or Counselor at Klein Ranch, this program gives you a chance to shadow and train with staff, assisting with all aspects of leadership with campers and horses. Register once for June 16-21 for mandatory training, then you can pick one or two additional weeks to work with the staff. Please contact info@losd.org to set up your additional weeks after registering.

By February 15: Price - $500
Between February 15 and April 15: Price $525
Register after April 15: Price: $575