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The mission of Lutherans Outdoors in SD to “…welcome all to explore experience Christ’s love and in creation and community” is made real by generous people like you. Powerful things happen at camp as faith is deepened, leaders are formed, and lives are changed. For this we say, Thank You! You are making a tremendous impact.


Support Camperships

From camper Mason, “Thank you for the scholarship to go to camp this summer. Some of my favorite parts of camp last year were kayaking, fishing, and swimming.”

I am thankful that Mason had the chance to go to camp last summer. It is wonderful to hear his excitement of being able to kayak, fish, and swim. I am most thankful that he wants to come back again this summer spending time in God’s great outdoors growing in faith and receiving God’s love!

Many more campers like Mason were able to have experiences like this because of the thoughtfulness of people like you.  Lutherans Outdoors responded to participants needs by giving nearly $ 160,000 in scholarships last summer and feel called again to meet this amount in 2019.

Will you please help send a kid to Outlaw Ranch, Klein Ranch, Joy Ranch, or NeSoDak this summer?  All children need to have a camp experience.

Thank you for your prayerful consideration of this request.  Make a gift today at the donate button below.

Paul J. Hanson, Executive Director


Wish Lists



+ Outlaw Ranch

  • 4-Seat Gas Powered Golf Cart
  • Forever Stamps Book
  • Sandbox Toys
  • Rubbermaid Garbage Can
  • Outdoor Propane Heater
  • Overnight Tent
  • Laptop
  • Skidsteer Loader
  • Horse Dry Box
  • Copy Paper
  • Batteries
  • Replacement Arrows
  • New Board Games
  • Gift Certificate - Hobby Lobby
  • Barbed Wire Fencing - And Volunteer Hours
  • Cabin Screen Door
  • Stand-up Computer Desk
  • Whole House Fan - Lodge
  • Gift Certificate For Summer Flowers
  • Horse Shoe Game

+ NeSoDak

  • New Vehicles For Staff Travel
  • Permanent 16KW Back-Up Hardwired Generator x2
  • Garden Cart x3
  • HON Gueststacker Stacking Chair Cart x3
  • Epson wireless projector & VIVO Ceiling Projector Mount
  • Lifetime Table Cart
  • West Bend 101-Cup Coffee Pot x2
  • Cutting Board/NSF Approved
  • Sterlite 70 Quart Latching Plastic Tote x5
  • Propane Heater 30000 BTU x2
  • Forever Stamps Book
  • Commercial Kitchen Steamer
  • Connelly Water Tube
  • Copy Paper Case
  • Lifetime Plastic - Folding Table 8-foot
  • 9 Volt and AA Batteries for Smoke Detectors

+ Joy Ranch

  • Left Handed Bow- Adult – 30lbs-100lbs
  • Archery Arrows- Genesis Brand
  • Adult Size Life Jackets- Adult Small to Biggest Size available
  • Blick Gift card - craft store
  • New FAVORITE Board Games
  • Queen Size Comforters - neutral colors/Linens
  • Arm/Finger Guards for Archery Range
  • Shower Curtain/Liners (40 total needed)
  • Medium Size Commercial Kitchen Cooking Pots (nonstick) 4-6 Quart
  • Play Ground Equipment - balls, nets, etc
  • Shower Floor Pads
  • Gas Gift cards
  • Hyvee Gift cards
  • Copier Paper (8.5x11)
  • Lighters for cookouts

+ Klein Ranch

  • Pickup Truck
  • Roofing Project
  • Two-stall Horse Shelter
  • Old Steel Bin
  • Semi Load of Large Square Bales
  • Firstaid/CPR/AED Training
  • Riding Helmets
  • 12 - 4" X 8' Wooden Pointed Fenceposts
  • 12 - 6' Steel T-posts
  • 4 Barbed-roll of Barbed Wire
  • 4-Wheeler
  • New or Used Flatbed
  • Case of White Copy Paper
  • Decorative Wooden Wagon Wheel
  • Split-rail Fencing

Caretakers of Ministry

My sister bought a simple house plant back in 1974, the year she went to college. She named it Ophelia. Ophelia travelled with her during her many stops in life including teaching, grad school, marriage and children. Ophelia continued to thrive as it received water, sunshine and constant care. When Ophelia was twenty years old, my wife and I received the gift of Ophelia from my sister.  It was now our turn to tend to Ophelia’s needs. 

Ophelia is still thriving in our home today, 45 years later. Ophelia receives constant care and will continue to thrive with that continual constant care.

Lutherans Outdoors is very similar to Ophelia.

Through your constant care, and the constant care of many others, the Lutherans Outdoors ministry sites--NeSoDak, Outlaw Ranch, Klein Ranch and Joy Ranch--thrive. With your continual and constant care, the Lutherans Outdoors ministry sites will continue to thrive into the future. 

Will you please, once again, be an important caretaker of this ministry?  

Paul J. Hanson, Executive Director

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