Contact information: or 605-673-4040

Contact information: or 605-673-4040

Middle School Retreat

For youth in grades 6-9.For youth in grades 6-9.

March 1-2, 2019


This retreat provides middle schoolers the opportunity to step away from their routines and take a deep breath in God's creation. Another school year is almost done, and what have we learned about ourselves, our lives and our faith? Come and hang out with friends at Outlaw, where we will take time to reflect on where we've been, where we are, and where we're going in life--and, how we can help each other get there. Adventure boldly at Outlaw Ranch with hiking, group games, Bible study, worship, delicious snacks and hot chocolate. 

Friday 7:00 pm through Saturday 5:30 pm


Cost: $65 per person

One adult per every 7 youth is needed to stay in the cabin with youth. One adult per every 7 youth is complimentary. Additional adults are half price. 

Non-refundable Deposit - $20 per person