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Get excited to go to camp!

Please know you and your child’s safety and faith development is our chief concern. While risk is a part of daily life, please know that at Lutherans Outdoors in South Dakota, our staff are carefully screened (thorough background check), selected, and trained to be responsible care-givers and to model faith. We are blessed to have the excellent young leaders sharing their faith. Your child will be part of a cabin group with a counselor always present. During family and grandparent camps, a staff member will be present as it best suits your family's needs. Grace-filled Christian community, friendship, and teamwork are emphasized. Active Bible study, creative devotions and worship leadership opportunities are included as part of daily faith nurturing as your child continues to grow into the person God is creating them to be.

Our goal is for each camper to have fun, grow in leadership, develop and nurture friendships, and to strengthen their faith. We promise to do all we can to make that happen. Please call with any questions you have about this faith-filled adventure. And thank you for sharing your precious child and time with us.