Summer Employment at an LO Camp

Hundreds of people like you have found a summer at our camps to be one of those "best experiences" of their lives and it looks great on your resume! Our staff members gain valuable experiences in training, learning to know themselves, growing in faith, developing their own gifts, and growing together in close Christian community. We encourage you to apply to become a part of the Lutherans Outdoors Summer Staff Family!

Choose the camp best suited for your interests.

Look at our info, talk to your friends and decide which program interests you. Which age group do you prefer? Do you have horseback riding experience? Do you want to spend the summer on a lake? Do you prefer smaller or larger groups? If you are unsure, we would be glad to help you explore your options at your interview. Working at camp captures the attention of future job recruiters!

The period of employment is from late May through mid to late August, depending on the program you apply for and the letter of call you will receive if you are accepted.

Complete the application form.

Applications for the summer 2018 ministry team available starting November 1, 2017.

Apply Today!

Personal Interview

If at all possible, LO will arrange a personal interview with you following receipt of your application. This will be done during our regular travels throughout South Dakota and surrounding states. If distance makes a personal interview impractical, then we will either interview you by telephone or arrange for a friend of Lutherans Outdoors to interview you.

Following the interview process.

Following the interview process we make the first selection and notify people promptly whether they are accepted or not. If accepted, staff agreements are signed and staff policies are explained before signing. We try to do this quickly to allow those who are not selected to find other places to work. We also ask applicants to notify us immediately of any change prior to their signing of an agreement.


Next we begin a process of pre-camp mailings. These mailings sensitize all of our staff for what is ahead and also give concrete ways to plan and prepare for a great summer!

Again, we thank you for your interest in doing ministry with Lutherans Outdoors in South Dakota. If you should need additional information about the programs of Lutherans Outdoors, please feel free to write or call.