Outlaw Ranch Job Descriptions

Program Director

  • Responsible for direct supervision of staff, campers, and program activities for one of the programs at Outlaw -- Youth Camp, Family Camp, Adventures, Native American programming, or Day Camp.
  • Assist with staff training.
  • Lead daily staff meetings.


Assistant Program Director

  • Assist the program director in supervision of staff, campers and program activities for Youth Camp and Family Camp.
  • Assist with Staff Training



  • Responsible for providing a safe, enriching, Christ-centered experience for campers.
  • Teach Bible study, lead campfire/worships and devotions, lead games and group activities.
  • Be with campers at all times during the camp week, unless on a scheduled break.
  • Serve on a day camp team several times during the summer.


Adventure Counselor

  • Lead off-site activities of kayaking, mountain biking, hiking, overnight trips, and more.
  • Work with small groups of campers in a small program.
  • Lifeguarding and wilderness first aid certification necessary.
  • All counselor responsibilities above.


Servant Camp Counselor

  • Work with small groups of high school and adult campers, partnering with the Lakota people on Pine Ridge Reservation.
  • Work with a therapeutic riding academy specializing in youth with special needs.
  • Work with small groups of campers in a smaller program.
  • All counselor responsibilities above.



  • Responsible for off-site food service at Outlaw (breakfast trail rides, trail lunches, campouts, etc.).
  • Packing, preparation, cooking, serving, and clean-up of food and equipment.
  • Other duties around camp as assigned.


Food Service: Cooks, Bakers, Assistant Cooks, Kitchen Assistants

  • Assist in preparation, serving, and clean-up of meals.
  • Help keep the kitchen and food storage areas clean.



  • Responsible for teaching, safety, and equipment in the canoeing and kayaking programs at Outlaw.
  • Be present at canoeing or kayaking activities.
  • Occasionally accompany groups swimming at area lakes.
  • Will also hold another position at camp, such as counselor, camp store assistant, or maintenance assistant.


Dining Room Host

  • Provide hospitality for campers and guests in the dining hall.
  • Oversee the dining hall activities, direct set-up before meals, KP, and clean-up.
  • Make coffee and set out snacks for breaks. Do kitchen laundry.
  • Oversee cleaning of other areas of dining hall as needed.


Ranch Hand

  • Help maintain the camp facility under the direction of the facility manager.
  • Routine building maintenance, custodial work, occasional construction, and grounds maintenance.


Arts & Crafts Coordinator

  • Plan and implement an arts and crafts program for Outlaw Ranch.
  • Order supplies, teach, and assist the counselors in teaching crafts projects.
  • Other duties around camp as assigned.


Wrangler/Assistant Wrangler

  • Lead trail rides, being responsible for safety of riders and horses.
  • Provide for proper care and feeding of horses, and keep records on horses.
  • Care and maintenance of tack and supplies.
  • Other program duties as needed.


Camp Store Manager

  • Responsible for managing and operating the camp store at Outlaw Ranch.
  • Display merchandise, reorder supplies as needed.
  • Responsible for record-keeping and money management.
  • Other duties around camp as assigned.