Ways to Give

Summer camp registrations are coming in hourly for NeSoDak, Klein Ranch, Joy Ranch, and Outlaw Ranch! We anticipate hosting more than 4,000 youth and family members this summer. But we need your help! Lutherans Outdoors charges only 65% of the actual cost of a week of camp. Your gifts provide the rest! Please make your gift today! Thank you!

Campership Fund

"Thank you for helping me pay for camp. It was so nice of you to do that. I could baerly go to camp because of the cost. Thank you so much." Sydney

I can't get this note out of my head! Sydney said it so well! Thank you for helping us provide $93,859 to kids and families who couldn't otherwise afford camp!

I need your help again. Summer is coming, and we are already receiving many campership requests. Please make your gift today!

$450.00 - Full Campership
$225.50 - 1/2 Campership

Outlaw Ranch Family Camp Special Project

The Delicate Dining Hall at Outlaw Ranch is the hub of camp. Through the Family Camp Special Project, we hope to continue a face lift to the Dining Room. 

Funds raised will go towards: New Windows, LED Bulbs, New Cabinets/Counters, and Log Post Wraps. 

Goal: $12,000


NeSoDak Deck Project

Our goal for the deck has been met! Thank YOU to all who made contributions.We are now raising funds for furniture so we can sit back, put our feet up and enjoy the view from this beautiful new deck.

Please make your gift now!


Your Gift Will Be Matched!

A wonderfully generous donor is matching ALL NEW GIFTS of $1,000, up to $20,000, to the Lutherans Outdoors' Annual Fund! Your gift will be used to support ALL the camps of Lutherans Outdoors!

Questions? Call 605-274-5326 or email info@losd.org