Environmental Learning and Events at NeSoDak

The NeSoDak Environmental Learning Center, a branch of programming here at Camp NeSoDak, has offered unique environmental education programs for elementary and middle school students for a many years.

We believe in the power that nature, wilderness, and environmental education has on not only children, but individuals of all ages. It is our hope that the unique program options within the NeSoDak Environmental Learning Center curriculum inspires a long lasting partnership with your school district, faculty, and students.

Follow our step by step instructions below, or fill out the interest form at the bottom of this page:

Step by Step Scheduling Instructions

  • Step 1: Call or email NeSoDak. During this initial conversation, a NeSoDak staff member will work with you to find an open date that works on your calendar. Please have an estimated group size determined prior to calling in order to find the best available date for your group. After scheduling a date, a contract will be emailed to you, as the group leader, and a 25% non-refundable deposit will be required in order to finalize your booking.
  • Step 2: A NeSoDak staff member will work with you to set up a class schedule. In the meantime, please use the attached Action Plan attached to the Program Planning Guide in order to assist with the class selection process. You may choose to send this to the NeSoDak office prior to your follow up conversation with a staff member or after the conversation has taken place.
  • Step 3: Within two (2) weeks of the NeSoDak office receiving your Action Plan, a class schedule will be sent to you, as the group leader, along with a learning group assignment form. Use this document as you split your group into multiple learning groups for your experience at NeSoDak.

If you are an overnight group, you will also receive a lodging form that reflects your group size. Please use this form to assign lodging assignments to your students and adult chaperones.

  • Step 4: Visit and enjoy your time at the NeSoDak Environmental Learning Center!
  • Step 5: After your visit, a final bill will be sent to you, as the group leader, that reflects your final participation fee minus your initial non-refundable deposit. 

Please contact us at nesodakelc@losd.org for pricing information.

Information and Downloads:

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