Environmental Learning and Events at NeSoDak

The NeSoDak Environmental Learning Center, a branch of programming here at Camp NeSoDak, has offered unique environmental education programs for elementary and middle school students for a many years.

We believe in the power that nature, wilderness, and environmental education has on not only children, but individuals of all ages. It is our hope that the unique program options within the NeSoDak Environmental Learning Center inspire a long lasting love for the outdoors and care for the earth.

We hope you will join us in one of the many Programs available through the Environmental Learning Center. 

2016-2017 Environmental Learning Programs and Events

Over the course of the last 10 months, our team, has made major renovations in regards to the NeSoDak Environmental Learning Center’s equipment, program options, and curriculum. We’ve revamped existing classes, added new activities, and upgraded facilities including the construction of two new cabins and a new greenhouse. We’ve also invested in a variety of outdoor recreation gear including archery equipment, stand up paddle boards, outdoor cooking supplies, and a variety of other unique programming items and options.

We are excited to share these new beginnings with your school district, your faculty, and your students.