JR Events and Retreats General Information

Summer is over, but you just can't stop thinking about camp...am I right?? 

Well, yeeee-haw, you have come to the right place! 

Joy Ranch programs a handful of events and retreats each fall, winter, and spring.

Be sure to check below to find out what opportunities might be available for you!

Fall 2017:

Chef Night - a unique and fun way to visit the facility while supporting the mission of Joy Ranch.

Middle School Gathering - an adventure in faith in the new frontier of Joy Ranch for Middle School Youth.

Vacation Destination - a multi-day vacation opportunity for adults with intellectual and/or physical disabilities and their caregivers.

Youth-a-Palooza - an event for youth and family ministry professionals and volunteers to gain some new ideas and meet other people who "get" where you're coming from.

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Contact Joy Ranch at (605) 886-4622 or joyranch@losd.org.

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