Hope Through Horses

Equine Assisted Growth and Learning at Joy Ranch

What is equine assisted growth and learning?

Participants learn about themselves and others by participating in activities with horses, and then discussing thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, and patterns.  Horses respond to human emotions that people may not even be aware exist, and our trained staff can observe these emotions by watching how horse and person interact.  Then, staff can help lead the individual or team through a process of self-discovery that leads to healing and learning.  Participants find their own answers as they evaluate their experience with the horse.  The interaction with the horse becomes a metaphor for life or a team’s work together.

What if I’m scared of horses?

Horses are large and powerful animals; fear is a natural response to horses.  All of your interactions with the horses happen on the ground; no prior knowledge of horses is needed.  Equine assisted learning is not about learning to ride a horse.  Additionally, this is a safe environment to overcome your fear and develop confidence.

Who is equine assisted learning for?

Equine assisted learning sessions can be arranged for individuals or teams of people.

For individuals, equine assisted learning may be helpful as:

  • An extension of talk therapy
  • A piece of an addiction recovery plan
  • A component of coping with PTSD
  • Part of a personal journey to overcome anxiety, depression, low self-esteem

For teams, equine assisted learning is a helpful tool to:

  • Reveal and process group dynamics
  • Build teamwork
  • Assist with conflict resolution, communication, leadership

What happens at an equine assisted learning session?

Before you come to Joy Ranch for equine assisted learning session, you will visit with Joy Ranch’s equine specialist to determine your specific goals.  Then, the session is structured with activities that intentionally help you reach those goals.  Life or workplace situations are re-created using horses.

Equine assisted learning sessions are confidential.

How do I register, and how much does it cost?

Each equine assisted learning session is tailor-designed for the individual or team.  If you are interested, a member of Joy Ranch’s Hope though Horses team will contact you to discuss your goals and give you a price quote.  Please email jess@losd.org to begin the conversation.

Joy Ranch can also work with you to accept payment through your insurance company.

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