Love God - Love Your Neighbor

“Love God.” “Love your neighbor.”

In the Gospel of Mark these are what Jesus calls the greatest commandments. And, they sound simple enough, don’t they? Yet, we know how easy it can be for us to put the needs (and wants) of ourselves first. Even at this most giving time of year our own Christmas lists tend to often take first priority.

And here lies the beauty and gift of our kids and our family....

For them we will often sacrifice our own wants (and needs) for their benefit, and we will do it gladly... as we should. We want only the best for them, so we put their needs ahead of our own. But let’s not stop there this Advent. Let’s learn a lesson from our kids and our family that translates to the community in which we live.

What if this Advent we began to see strangers at the Hy-Vee as family; after all, they are someone’s family. Would we interact with them differently? Or, let’s take it a step further. What would happen if we saw the face of God in the stranger at the counter at the Hy-Vee? Would we demonstrate care for them? And if we began to live this way, each day... what would happen to our own Christmas lists?

Dear God, grant that we may learn and live your greatest commandments, that we may experience the power of your love in this life... even when getting groceries. Amen.

Pastor Layne