Outlook Correction

AMR In-kind Donations and Volunteers, previously were included in the Outlaw Ranch list. Here they are listed separately. Our apologies for the error.

In-Kind Donations:
Dr. Lisa Brown
James Hersch
Ed Nesselhuf
David Brown
Casey Trandem
Jeff Otterman

Cecil Schrader
Jeannie Schrader
Connie Fragodt
Pastor Kara Baylor
Cheryl Collins
Nyla Sorheim
Marlys Pearson
Natalie Klevan
Tyler Hecht
Julie Bruflat
Alyssa Connelly
Jill Connelly
Steve Peterson
Josh Knudsen
Bishop Zellmer
Kevin Stillson
Mara Stillson
Casey Trandem
Christine Schmit
Jim Wirth
Marcy Wirth
Linda Kennedy
Kelly Kennedy
Edith Gage
Kaycee Baye
Sue Engh
Jeri Hodal
Mike Engh
Sarah Barrett
Max Miller
Don Kraus
Gary Williams