Prayers for Summer Staff

I still remember my first day as Program Director at NeSoDak back in the summer of 1990. There I stood, a wet behind the ears college kid, on top of the deck of the lodge as countless campers FILLED the ramp... all looking up at me for direction. I remember feeling so overwhelmed. Yet, somehow I did what was expected of me. Somehow the staff I was in charged of greeted and welcomed campers with the love of Christ, and the Holy Spirit carried us forward.

That is a feeling I will not soon forget. That is a lesson I hope to remember for a long time... to put your heart and soul into what you do, love the people entrusted to you, and trust the Spirit to guide you.
These leadership lessons happen over and over at your SD camps each year. Many of today's young leaders are preparing to be summer staff at your camps, with lessons to learn and love to share with others. Staff training is already underway, please keep your camps and their staff in your daily prayers. Pray that they may have a safe and powerful summer of ministry, AND pray that the lessons in leadership learned by the staff and campers will have an impact on their lives, their communities and their Church for years to come.
THANK YOU for changing countless lives
by the support you give your camps.