Administrative Office

Lutherans Outdoors in South Dakota
2001 S Summit Ave
Sioux Falls, SD 57197
605-274-5326 or 800-888-1464

NeSoDak/Klein Ranch

3285 Camp Dakota Dr
Waubay, SD 57273

Klein Ranch (Summer Only)
11921 SD Highway 65
Isabel SD 57633

Outlaw Ranch/Atlantic Mountain Ranch

Outlaw Ranch
12703 Outlaw Ranch Rd
Custer SD 57730

Atlantic Mountain Ranch
11760 Custer Limestone Rd
Custer, SD 57730

Joy Ranch

Joy Ranch
16633 448th Ave.
Florence, SD 57235

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Lutherans Outdoors of South Dakota consists of four different sites/camps - please direct your question to a particular site so we can best serve you. Sites are Outlaw Ranch, Joy Ranch, NeSoDak and Klein Ranch.
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